Non-Exhaustive Lists

You are in luck! You have stumbled upon the most mind-bogglingly essential collection of incomplete lists mankind has ever ignored! I hope you’re wearing clean underwear because I’m about to drop some knowledge on y’all.

Listed Newest to Oldest

Ways I Have Attempted to Con My Kids into Putting Thier F*cking Shoes On: A Non-Exhaustive List

My Daughter's YouTube Searches: A Non-Exhaustive List

Important Household Tasks I Can Accomplish in the Middle of the Night While Holding a Newborn Who Will Not Go to Sleep and While Also Fully Supporting Said Newborn's Head: A Non-Exhaustive List

What My Kids Do During the 30 Seconds It Takes Me to Leave the Room and Pee: A Non-Exhaustive List

Questions for the Dudebro Drinking a Beer in the Campus Restroom Stall: A Non-Exhaustive List

Mean Ladies: A Non-Exhaustive List

Deep Thoughts on The Little Mermaid: A Non-Exhaustive List

Things I Did This Weekend: A Non-Exhaustive List

Reasons the World Should Not End on Friday: A Non-Exhaustive List

Lesser Known Things Tiggers Know Best

Bad Places to Congregate with Your Family at Disneyland: A Non-Exhaustive List

Things Happening Right About Now: An Exhaustive List

Discarded Research Questions from My Dissertation: A Non-Exhaustive List

Mind-Blowingly Fun Parent-Child Activities: A Non-Exhaustive List

Unanswered Questions from Children's Songs: A Non-Exhaustive List

Reasons Pocahontas Needs to Stop Judging Me

Things I Would Not Do for a Klondike Bar

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