Say aloha to TwinfaMaui, a deluxe assortment of tales centered around the Pseudonymous Family’s historic visit to Maui in May 2012.

Listed in Chronological Order

Mahalo If You Hear Me

…in which Our Hero recovers from Restless Restfulness Syndrome.

I Can Fly Twice as High

…in which Our Hero and His Amazing Crying Flying Circus provide in-flight twintertainment.

The Pirate Pedicure

…in which Our Hero braves abrupt hair removal by His crew of scurvy scoundrels while in search of treasure.

Not So Fast

…in which Our Hero ventures 20,000 Leagues Next to the Sea at an uncharted speed, exhibits His keen powers of deduction, and takes the Twins on their first Poseidon Adventure.

How to Lose a Man Card in 10 Seconds

…in which Our Hero and His Wife escape the clutches of the Castle Grayskull, frolic with animated woodland creatures, and inspire restlessness in island natives.

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