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Presenting Twinfamy Comics, now with high-definition stick figures that have not been optimized for your retina display.

Icon199 - The Tooth Query

#20 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter totally destroys that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling.

So Many Adults

#19 – …in which Our Hero’s Children become (il)legal adults.

Eye of the Miser

#18 – … in which Our Hero’s Daughter explains what it means to be a champion

Statue of Limitations

#17 – …in which Our Hero’s Wife inquires about perpetual motion.

The Legend of Sadra

#16 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter introduces a fascinating new friend.

I Don't Want To

#15 – …in which Our Hero’s Wife tells it like it is.

Conflict of Interest

#14 – …in which Our Hero and His Son disagree philosophically.


#13 – …in which Our Hero graces You with His presence.


#12 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter rescues millions of kidnapping victims.

Cover Your Sass

#11 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter attempts to get herself out of several messes.

Houston, We Have a Smartass

#10 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter dabbles in aerospace engineering.

The Hungermonger

#9 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter seeks additional sustenance.

Bringing Balance to the Meal

#8 – …in which Our Hero’s Son considers joining the Dark Side.

Well, That Backfired

#7 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter teases out new ideas.

A Valid Point

#6 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter seeks reciprocity from a dog.

Such Great Heights

#5 – …in which Our Hero illustrates how many Pseudonymouses it takes to screw in a light bulb.

Little Diva

#4 – …in which Our Hero’s Daughter is NOT a bad girl.

Public Service Announcement

#3 – …in which Our Hero’s Son shares a desperately important public service announcement.

Little Genius

#2 – …in which Our Hero’s Son is no zero.

Daddy's Big Face

#1 – …in which Our Hero has a big face.


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