Good News/Bad News: Please Excuse My Children for Calling You an Ass

Good News: The Twins have a new favorite game, the classic bubonic-plague-inspired “Ring Around the Rosie,” which they not only enthusiastically sing and play themselves, but also have their legion of Fisher Price Little People perform.

"Ashes, ashes..."

Whenever we’re out running errands, they sing it uncontrollably, as the song is constantly in their heads. They often get stuck in an endless loop of their favorite lyric, “Ashes, ashes.” It is adorable.


Bad News: Their toddler-esque pronunciation of this line sounds remarkably like a certain body part, resulting in the booming, sing-songy repetition of “Asses, asses,” up and down grocery store aisles, while waiting for our food in restaurants, and, of course, in the middle of church.


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If not, the Twins would like to sing you a song…


  1. hazeydazeblog

    From the mouths of babes…my daughter is currently not vocalizing the word “stuck” quite correctly right now…and it’s coming out like “f@”$k”! It took me a while to realise what she was trying to say, talk about embarrassing in public!


  2. russtowne

    LOL! When our middle son was very young and had just learned what that thing was called that was between his legs, and that only boys have it, he said in a loud voice in the middle of a crowded store to my wife: “I have a penis, and you don’t, huh mommy!?”



    • John Pseudonymous

      Nice! My kids are particularly concerned with body parts since they notice that each of them have different equipment, so now, whenever it’s bath time, we make sure to clear up who has what. Good times.


      • Marc

        Okay I was looking for the right post….I think this could be interesting, I stumbled on your blog while beginning my own…I too have non identical twin boy and girl age 8 months but I have a kicker a two year old boy.


  3. zoeemily

    When my daughter says frog it sounds like she is saying a certain F word and considering her new favorite animal is a frog she says it often. We had a very shocked looking Grandad the other day :).


  4. unefleurnoire

    My girls (also twins :)) are also big fans of this song, though they basically just rushingly hum through the words so they get to fall down (I guess thats the best part? lol).

    I& !!!!!
    is that a Buzz Lightyear ‘Little People’ ?!


    • John Pseudonymous

      Well, let’s be honest, the falling down part is what EVERYONE’S waiting for anyway. And yes, that is a Buzz Lightyear Little Person. Available wherever Little People are sold. It came with a spaceship, too. Sometimes he brings Disney Princesses for a ride in it. Aurora often falls asleep and Cinderella always panics that it’s going to turn into a pumpkin, but most of the other characters seem to enjoy it.


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