My View of the Super Bowl

My View of the Super Bowl - 1

Yes, that’s popcorn on the floor.


My View of the Super Bowl - 2

Yes, those are my kids doing somersaults in the popcorn on the floor.


My View of the Super Bowl - 3

Popcorn makes this fantastic crunchy sound when you sprint across it…


My View of the Super Bowl - 4

…and a popcorn bowl makes a great seat once you’ve tired yourself out.


My View of the Super Bowl - 5

I heard this was an exciting play.


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If not, maybe your power’s out.


  1. Hekate Jahi (@GothMomRantings)

    Twinmania has hit! Everyone in my house squealed as soon as I said, “OOH! A new Twinfamy post!” Then it turned to all out fangirl screams and jumping up and down when my twins saw yours. Still not sure if it was a, “Aww, baby!” or an “Oh baby!” when the girls saw your boy running.


    • John Pseudonymous

      It was a small price to pay for the ability to actually watch the game. The kids were happy and it gave us a good 30 minutes of viewing time. And the best part was that all it took was a quick vacuum, and it was like it never happened. Win-win.


  2. kristinmyers5

    This made me laugh. Our twins are 8 now, but I remember those days. Sometimes it’s better to just look the other way and deal with the consequences later. Here’s to hoping your team won! And that your vacuum worked…

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  3. kristinmyers5

    Believe it or not, I’m just getting ready to release my memoir entitled Twin Turbulence: What happened when twins happened. It’s a brutally honest account of our “popcorn-and-superbowl” adventures of raising our own twins, focusing through the age of 2. Look for it March 19th…you’ll probably get a kick out of it.


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  6. mssaddlery

    Hahaha… How cute. Children are awesome … What Eber they do, you must love them :))
    Me and my husband was watching the super bowl in Berlin, germany at night. Every night our 2 years old girl is sleeping like a little Angel, without waking up. This night, she must have thought, oh well, why not beeing awake… I have to go to bed and watch it there, but my daughter was the in the opinion oft having fun and comment eeeeeeeverything the reporter said… In her language… Loud … And she asked things all the time…. Well, i think that was the best report on football i’ve ever got :D
    (I’m sorry for my english, its not that good anymore)


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