A Sasquatch Sings the Twinfamy Theme Song

SasquatchIn the far reaches of the Great White North, some say there lives a creature–a gigantic, apelike humanoid whose chance blurred appearances in photography have both intrigued and terrified people across the globe for decades. Alleged to have first been sighted in Saskatchewan, the cryptid has been uncreatively dubbed Sasquatch.

As an admittedly ill-conceived publicity stunt for this fine publication, I recently set out to scare this supposedly abominable beast out of hiding, capture him, teach him to play guitar, and record him singing a Twinfamy Theme Song of his own composition. Obviously, the video would go viral and assuredly secure me a movie franchise deal for The Twinfamy Trilogy.

Hopes high, I sent a robotic bird probe that communicates 140 characters at a time up to the region for further investigation, but sadly, Sasquatch seemed to be Sasquatting somewhere out of robotic-bird-earshot.

However, in the process, I wound up getting to know someone else originally from Saskatchewan who has become one of my favorite 21st century dads, James Hudyma. James is a dedicated teacher, a talented musician, a caring father to his son and daughter, and writes an excellent blog about all of the above. If this sounds strikingly familiar to you, O Loyal Reader, you can already imagine that James and I instantly hit it off.

You can also imagine my surprise when he told me he’d written a Twinfamy Theme Song without ever hearing of my plan to teach an old Sasquatch new tricks. While James is considerably less hairy than the original balladeer I’d envisioned, I’m still incredibly flattered and thrilled to present him singing “The Twinfamy Theme Song,” joined by his record producer/daughter Imogen and his roadie/son Breckin.

I hope no one ever chops his head off. It wouldn’t just look weird–it would be a travesty to humanity.

Not only is this little ditty so hooky that I catch myself humming it daily, its lyrics show incredible attention to detail of Twincidents past:

Rock star teacher’s gone SAHD,
and he’s working on his Ph. D.
Chasing twins and cleaning up bombs
and don’t you ever call him Mr. Mom.

Twinfamy, Twinfamy
Keep your eye on the ball

Did it! Did it!
Oh yeah.

I’ll also admit the song’s lately been a pick-me-up during days packed with full laundry and diaper loads, so thanks to James for the steady stream of smiles. You rock, buddy!

You can read James’s original post about this video here on his blog EduDad, follow him on Twitter @SaskaDad, and “like” EduDad on Facebook.


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If not, you probably don’t rock as hard as James.


  1. lovethebadguy

    Well, that’s just fantastic. :D

    And your little ones should not cry their eyes out today — I just voted for you in Babble’s Top Dad Blogs Competition. Good luck!

    (I also voted for Edudad. I think he earned it, with that song!)

    P.S. I haven’t a clue how long that Babble button has been on your sidebar. Mayhaps you should do a quick post about it, so unobservant people like myself can be informed. :)


    • John Pseudonymous

      Thanks so much for the vote! It’s only been up for about a week, so you haven’t missed it for long. I’ve put it up on Facebook and Twitter a few times, but guess I could get the word out better. I just feel like it’s easy for a post aimed solely at getting votes to sound lame and desperate, so if I do it, I’d want to do it creatively and entertainingly. We’ll see. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few ideas up my sleeve…


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