The Dangers of Abbey Road

The Beatles - Abbey Road

Daughter: What are doze guys doin’, Daddy?

Me: Those are The Beatles, baby. They’re crossing the road.

Daughter: Oooh, there’s cars comin’. They better be careful.


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If not, watch out. There’s cars comin’.


    • John Pseudonymous

      Right? That car behind Paul is a little unsettling. They really should walk faster–giving me a heart attack here. And what was Paul’s mommy thinking, by the way, letting him out of the house with no shoes on?


  1. Christian Toto

    I’m currently introducing my four year old to The Beatles and The Monkees. – the bands I loved as a kid. I think he’s intrigued mainly by the bands’ names – boys love bugs and monkeys, period. Anything to grease the wheels is A-OK with me.


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