Number Two

The Goonies - Sloth

Heeeeey yooooou guuuuuyyys!

Remember that one time when I was in a roundtable discussion about parent blogging on’s Daily Post and stuff? Remember when I said it was the first of a three-part series? Remember in Die Hard when Bruce Willis had to cross all that broken glass without his shoes on and there was nothing he could do about it so he just walked on the broken glass with his bare feet?

That was awesome.

Wait, where was I?

Oh right, the roundtable.

So the second installment of that roundtable twinterview is being featured today on The Daily Post, and I may be biased, but I’d venture to say it’s the dailiest post EVER.

It’s called Mommy and Daddy Bloggers Shoot the Poop: Part 2 and you can ooh and ahh at it here.

But on your way, please watch out for broken glass.


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If not, yippee ki-yay.


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