What Exactly Do You Mean By That?

Wife: Okay, I’m going to work! Have fun today. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!
Me: So I can’t pee standing up?


Toilet Question

Well, I thought it was a valid question.


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If not…Well, that’s actually something I wouldn’t do.


    • John Pseudonymous

      Here’s the thing: Lately, I already am. We all have colds and my daughter hasn’t been able to stay asleep, so my wife’s been taking her in the bed with her, and since I’m a world-class snorer, I’ve been bounced to the couch.

      I’m actually okay with it, though. I get way better sleep when my sick daughter isn’t kicking me in the face.


  1. sunithi

    Came back to this post since I hadnt read it before tweeting out. happens most time.. prob have to back track on yr older ones too. Well, its’ short and sweet and entertaining. Also, just fessing up : in these public restrooms where they have no seat covers and it doesnt seem quite sanitary, a semi standing position is used I believe by a lot to females (me included ) ! well hope yr family is feeling better John ! All being sick sucks ! & just a comment unrealted. my DH used to snore ( doesnt any more since he uses a sleep ap machine ) and it used to gently lull me to sleep. Took me awhile to adjust without the snoring once he stopped :)


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