Well, You Got Me There

Wife: I haven’t drank nearly enough water today.

Me: Yeah, actually, me neither.

Wife: But you’re not trying to feed two little people with your breasts.

Me: …that you know of…


Household Aqueous Parental Serving Size By Gender


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  1. Sarah Richardson

    I am so happy your wife is still breastfeeding!! She is a rock star!!
    (and- it is your job as husband to remind her to drink more water.) Us mamas are busy, multi-tasking crazies and need reminders to help us with things like taking care of our bodies. especially when they are 24/7 milk machines!


    • John Pseudonymous

      Thanks Sarah. We figure we’ll milk that for all it’s worth (haha) until it’s gone, since everybody in the world agrees it’s best for the kids if you’re willing to work for it–and it’s definitely been work for her, especially with two mouths to feed. I’ve done my best as Family Water Enthusiast, but have been amazed at how much she can down in a day and thus have fallen short at times. (“You need more? You just had two glasses!”)


  2. banbamama

    perhaps you should top up your share with an alcoholic beverage (p.s. don’t tell your wife I told you that!). But seriously, I remember needing gallons of water too when breastfeeding in the first few months. Not getting enough fluids affects the supply.


    • John Pseudonymous

      The alcohol has happened on occasion, but my wife’s heightened, vampiric sense of smell always busts me when I try to sneak some, so I’ve learned not to bother in that arena. It is staggering how much water she’s needed to drink. I’ve often wondered how she even has room for it. I don’t know the science of it, but I’m assuming as soon as water enters, it is packed onto a cheetah of some kind, who relays it to the milk factory entrance somewhere inside the breasts, where a team of scientists in lab coats are waiting with scales and beakers at the ready so they can meet their milk deadline ASAP. I may be wrong, though.


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