Naming the Guppy

Bubble Guppies

Me: Hey sweetie, if The Baby in Mommy’s Tummy is a girl, what do you think we should name her?

Daughter: Bubble Guppy.

Me: Like, one of the characters’ names on Bubble Guppies? Like Oona, or Deema?

Daughter: No. Just Bubble Guppy.

Me: Okay, what if it’s a boy?

Daughter: Bubble Guppy Boy.

Me: Well, that settles that.



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  1. kiedralinnae

    Hahahaha oh man! That is adorable. My parents let me help name my first little brother. His name is Philip Brian Sebastian (we have 2 middle names in our family) guess which one a 3 1/2 year old girl born in the late 80’s picked? Yup. I named him after The Little Mermaid, I tried for Ariel but that wasn’t going to fly.

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