Hop Off Pop

My dad (known to the Twins as “Pop”) came over to our place for dinner on Friday while my mom was away for the weekend. As we were preparing to eat, Pop lifted my son up to the kitchen sink to wash his hands, and, feeling the weight of his growing grandson, overdramatically grunted, “Awww, Buddy, your Pop’s getting old.”

I say “overdramatically” because Pop exercises regularly and is in fantastic shape. In fact, I’m certain he’s in better shape than I am.


“Old Man” Pop (Artist’s Rendering)

Moments later, while Pop dried his hands, my son looked up at him and parroted, “Pop, you gettin’ old.”

“That’s right, Buddy,” Pop chuckled. “How did you get to be such a big boy?”

Without missing a beat, my son replied:

“Cuz I gettin’ old, too!”

Every three minutes for the remainder of Pop’s visit, my son was sure to again declare, “Pop, you gettin’ old!”

I’m sure Pop appreciated the reminder.


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If not, you gettin’ old, too.


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