Who Searched That?

People search the weirdest things on the Internet, and when they do, sometimes they visit my blog.

Magnifying Glass

For those who don’t know, when you have a blog, you receive statistics about people who visit your site, and one of them is “Search Terms.” Basically, whenever someone runs a search on a site like Google, sees your site, and clicks on it, your blogging service tells you what that person was searching for when they reached your blog.

Most of the time, these search terms make sense. For example, many people find Twinfamy by searching “stay at home dad with twins.” However, every once in a while, I get some weird ones which make me wonder, “Who searched that?”

Many of these search terms are way too entertaining not to share, so some blogger friends and I started a site to showcase these search-term oddities and share our musings as to who might actually be searching for them.

Fittingly, it’s called Who Searched That? and can be found at http://whosearchedthat.wordpress.com.

You’ll also find the inaugural post entitled “Desperately Seeking Ear Deformities,” written by Yours Truly.

Hope you enjoy, and will check back often. If not, please continue to lurk here on Twinfamy daily.


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  1. lovethebadguy

    I can definitely understand the confusion of the “weird ones”.

    “look what he did after her ex girlfriend posted on his wall”

    …I don’t know why anyone would search that. I don’t know what this person was actually trying to find. But more importantly – How in the hell did that sentence in anyway link to my blog?!

    Still trying to figure THAT one out. :P


    • John Pseudonymous

      Yeah, that one’s pretty weird, especially the wording. It’s as if this person was looking for that direct quote about some sort of jealous love triangle torn asunder due to either an electronic wall posting, or an actual object posted on someone’s physical wall. I’m hoping it was the latter. Makes for a better story.

      For instance, the “he” possibly could have wrapped a girl’s entire apartment in aluminum foil after her ex-girlfriend ate all of his ice cream and nailed the empty package on his wall to taunt him.

      Just an idea.

      Thanks so much for reading!


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