I Guess We’re Done Then


  1. anidledad

    Pffftttt…. Wait until the twins are two, you’re sleeping again and suddenly, there will be a general missing of “babies” in the house.

    Shag. New kid. Done.

    You should put money on it, now, while she’s still uncomfortably up the duff.


  2. lovethebadguy

    There could not possibly be any movie more disturbing than “Twins”.

    (Except maybe “Mrs Doubtfire”. Dude dressing up as a woman to gain illegal access to his children… But I love Robin Williams, so it’s okay.)



    • John Pseudonymous

      No hold on a minute–what’s disturbing about Twins? I like that flick. I’m also wondering why you called that movie disturbing, and not the one with a man getting pregnant. I’ll agree that Mrs. Doubtfire is pretty twisted when you think about it, but I need some clarification here.


  3. critters and crayons

    Have you ever heard of the bog Twinisms? I think you’d love it- She is an army spouse of 2 sets of twins! She is brassy and funny- I agree with your wife, too. If I had babies two at a time, I might be less inclined to jump in for more!


    • John Pseudonymous

      I haven’t read it, but it sounds worth checking out. She sounds hardcore.

      Yeah, we have our hands full and are not interested in outnumbering ourselves at this particular juncture. While I’ll never say never, we’re pretty happy with the way things are now with the four of us.


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