He Prefers It Alder-off

“…and who’s this, Buddy?”

“Dat’s C-Free-PO.”

“That’s right.”

“R2D2 is his friend. They go in space togedder.”

For his bedtime “story,” my son had chosen his copy of Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, and so I sat with him on his bed, elated and proud to be discussing A Galaxy Far, Far Away with my four-year-old. Last year, I figured there was no better opportunity than Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), for the Twins’ inaugural viewing of Episode IV, and since then, they’ve been enamored with droids, Light Sabers, and “Deaf” Stars. As we turned the page, my son instantly recognized the next character. “Dat’s Princess Leia.”

Princess Leia

He took in the two-page profile on Leia, which includes photos of her in the various costumes she wears throughout the trilogy. Then, after a moment of careful consideration, he cracked a goofy grin and pointed to the one of her as Jabba the Hutt’s scantily clad prisoner.

Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner

“I like THAT one the best,” he smiled.

I braced myself. “How come, Buddy?”

He giggled giddily as he said:

“Because she’s only wearing half of a dress.”

Once I finished laughing hysterically and had wiped the tears from my eyes, there was only one thing left for me to say.

“You know what, Buddy? I think I like that one the best, too.”


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  1. A.PROMPTreply

    See what you’ve begun already? Doesn’t take long…..it’s going to be a long road through puberty with that one….. :)


  2. rmschwartz418

    We called our boy/girl twins Luke and Leia in the womb. My wife didn’t get the full meaning until we watched Episode III together. Luke stuck (Luke!! I am you’re father). I’m not quite geeky enough to have called my daughter Leia.


    • John Pseudonymous

      It’s both. I think it’s also the common connection you have that makes it special. It’s way more fun to talk about something you’re both excited about than for Daddy to have to look up stuff on Wikipedia so he knows what the hell he’s talking about.


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