Good News/Bad News: Tall Order

Good News: For the first time in our seven-year relationship, my wife and I purchased a brand new mattress and boxspring. We got a smokin’ deal on top of a rebate and we will now be spending our nights on cloudlike memory foam.

Bad News: The new bed is about eight inches higher, so my pregnant wife can’t get in and out of bed without a stool.

Stool - Twinfamy

Me: “But it’s nice once you get up here, right?”

Wife: “Shut up.”


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If not, would a stool help?


  1. momcloset

    That’s funny. Would you consider taking it off the bed frame and just having the box spring/mattress on the floor?

    My husband and I bought a new king sized bed when we were expecting baby #2 and it may be the best purchase we ever made. Ours is off the bed frame because our children are always crawling in and out of bed with us and we want to minimize the distance to the floor should anyone ever roll off. Our boxspring/mattress are so deep, it just looks like a normal bed when it’s made up.

    Not sure what your sleeping plans are (I swore I would never co-sleep … until my firstborn screamed all night if we didn’t), but you may find that bed ends up on the floor anyways in a few months!


    • John Pseudonymous

      Well, given that we also have two three-year-olds who love to jump on our bed and mess it up and would get cracker crumbs all over it if we didn’t keep an eye on them, I’m not a fan of lowering the bed, as the Twins would surely decimate that just like everything else in the house.

      Regarding co-sleeping, it happened early on (probably as often as most people do with newborns), but again, because we had two, co-sleeping became not only a battle for room on the bed, but also, every time one kid woke up screaming, the other one would, too. That’s why we moved them to separate rooms early on, and that worked really well for us.

      I’m not sure how we’ll handle it this time around, but I’m a believer in waiting to see just what a baby’s like and figuring out what works. If there’s one thing I learned from having two newborns simultaneously, it’s that every kid is different. So I guess we’ll just see. :)


  2. mercedesparkles

    You could always offer to give her a boost, and cop a feel on the way up. X)
    Hahahaha I’m kidding, please don’t take my suggestion and get punched in the face…….lol


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