The Old Days

Every once in a while, my wife daydreams about what it would be like if we lived during a different time in history. However, her “creative” interpretation of which historical events actually happened when often prompts her to fact-check with me before launching into said daydream. For example:

Wife: When was World War I?

Me: The 1910s.

Wife: Okay, then I think I could live in the 1920s.

Me: You sure you could handle Prohibition?

Wife: Oh, that was then? Never mind. That’d be stupid.


And so this weekend, while savoring a slice of cheese from a Costco platter, she mused…

Wife: I think I could live in the Old Days. They at least had cheese, right?

Me: I guess that depends which “old days” you’re talking about. Like, what time period?

Wife: I don’t know…like, Game of Thrones days.

Me: You mean the fictional show set in a fictional world and time that we’re watching?

Wife (laughing): Yeah, that time. When dragons and zombies walked the earth. They had cheese then, right?

Me: I would think so.

Game of Thrones Khaleesi with Dragons

My best guess is the 1950s, before the U.S. put dragons on the endangered species list.


As it turns out, there “was” cheese in “Game of Thrones days,” and if my wife ever has the opportunity to travel back in time and into a fictional universe, she can rest assured that she’ll have plenty of other cheese enthusiasts to hang out with:

Maybe someday I’ll take her there on a second honeymoon.


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If not, just hang tight. I promise the cheese plate is on its way.


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